Shop by Manufacture Magento 2

Shop by Manufacture is one of the most important Magento extensions for every eCommerce store. This useful tool allows store owners to manage brands present effectively when your store a lot of items from different brands and help your customers find the manufacturer with its items or recognize the brand that the required product belongs to.


Why you need Shop by Manufacturer Magento 2 extension

Helping your visitors find what they are really interested is an effective way to increase sale and customer loyalty. As you know, many visitors make purchasing decisions on brand value. Thus, every online store should powered  this feature or not  you’ll lose tons of potential customers.


For administrator, shop by brands make it easy and convenient to create the brands with the general information ( title, status, images..vv) and enhance SEO friendly brand detail pages with url, tile, meta info…

Moreover, Shop by brands M2 also provides another opportunity for admin to decorate the home page by adding a brands slider using ready-to-use widget.

Shop by Manufacture Magento 2 allow you to display brand image slider in the front end. While clicking on any brand logo, you will be redirected to Shop by Brand listing page. All these features are available for $ 59 and Free support for 90 days (360 if you get a pack). And much more advantages for you to explore in page details :


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