Content Maker Extension for Magento 2

Magesolution has already developed an awesome and powerful tool named Content Maker Extension for Magento 2. This tool assists you to make new content types when you are in need of adding other pages like Portfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery, lookbook…fast and easily. In addition, it helps you to create multiple custom forms to display at front-end which the default contact page in Magento 2 cannot meet your demands.

Magesolution, the Magento extensions developer, has been releasing various useful tools and sharing tips and tricks for Magento developers to support the community. This time the company shares super-powerful tool which will be of help both for skilled Magento developers and for newbies as well.

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advanced-content (1).jpg

How it work?

Step 1 : Compose your content
Step 2 : Create more fields for the content type
Step 3 : Creates items for the content type

Highlight Features

  •  It helps developers create a variety of contents with multiple content layouts in few minutes thanks to a nice and intuitive interface.
  •  It allow you to create multiple custom forms to display at front-end with different input types.
  • It allow admin to set up any email address to receive contact details  which the default contact form in Magento 2 cannot meet your demands.

Content Maker Extension for Magento 2 features Details 

  • Create different content types  when you are in need of adding other pages likePortfolio, Testimonial, News, Gallery…
  • Associate new fields to this content at any time, of any type:  Text field, Textarea, File Upload, Image Upload, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, Multiselect, Date, Store View, Products.
  • Customize URLs of the content page and item details pages will proficiently resolve the URL friendly and grow SEO a step forward.
  • Choose available layouts and use Layout Update XML for the content pages and item details page.
  • Add/edit Meta Keywords, Meta Description, enable Breadcrumbs of content pages and item details page.
  • Feasibility to customize HTML of content page.


Custom Form Features 

  • Different forms can be created to display at front-end.
  • Each form is compliant with different input types.
    Particularly, if admin is creating a form containing Image field or File field then user/ customer is able to attach image/ file to the message once sent
  • Allow users/ customers to send message to admin in terms of product information request.
    When admin creates a form with input type “Products”, then at front-end users/ customers can take advantage of product suggestion field to include the URL and product name into the email.
  • Option to Enable/ Disable CAPTCHA code for each form to prevent automatic messages or spams.
  • Versatile form configurations
    Admin can select proper settings for the form action such as Send Email, Save Info, Send Email & Save Info, setup receiver email, setup notification upon customer submission.
  • Ability to send email using email templates
    Each form will be accompanied by a corresponding email template. When customer sends an email to the admin, the dynamic information of the form will be accumulated in the email template. Moreover, admin is able to modify the email template to obtain its aesthetics yet effectiveness.

And much more outstanding features can be discovered on our detailed description page: Content Maker Extension for Magento 2Other useful Magento 2 extensions are available at Magesolution store.





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