Magento 2 Crucial SEO Tips

The default SEO capabilities of the platform have been essentially improved in Magento 2, so it is more powerful than its predecessor. If the default SEO options are not enough for satisfying your business needs, than you can refer some Magento 2 crucial Seo tips to get higher ranking.


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Top Free & Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

If you are searching  for a good Magento theme for your M2 store with a low cost, you can not miss this article. Here, I would like to share the excellent collection of Quality Free Magento 2 Theme & Professional Premium Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme with multiple purposes covering : Technology, Electronics, Fashion, Jewelry, Restaurants, Mobiles, Wines, …


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Magento 2 Slider Revolution

Magento 2 Slider Revolution officially been launched by Magesolution, do you feel the heat now ? By now, let’s listen to our customer shared his opinion about this powerful extension :


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Shop by Manufacture Magento 2

Shop by Manufacture is one of the most important Magento extensions for every eCommerce store. This useful tool allows store owners to manage brands present effectively when your store a lot of items from different brands and help your customers find the manufacturer with its items or recognize the brand that the required product belongs to.


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Giftshop Theme – Gorgeous Gift for GiftStore

Giftshop is great Magento theme is designed for gift store. It also intergrated with MGS Frontend Builder, that allow you to easy manage and customize your site.


From MGS Front-End Builder, You can build/ configure your web pages at Front-End visually & friendly without having to log in the admin back-end and save you time to make a website as you want.


Very easy to answer, It is a front-end Magento pages builder. It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page… at frontend visually without having to log in the admin back-end.

Wow, so what are the advantages of MGS Frontend Builder?

  • Visually & Friendly: You can see directly which you want to build and change
  • Build Web pages by yourself: You can build or configure the pages on your own basing on available layouts and 15+ available components.
  • Drag & Drop: Simple for you to drag & drop the blocks on the page
  • Grid configuration: It allows you to setup width of blocks with Grid Bootstrap layout (12 columns)
  • Website configuration: It’s easy for you to setup all features for your website such as layouts, background, colors, fonts, extensions, catalog… at Frontend
  • Editable CMS content: You can edit/update any content blocks directly at front-end effectively.
  • Enable/disable Inline translation: Flexible and convenient to directly translate the site content into target languages at frontend.
  • Time saving: Forget about complicating and cumbersome steps to setup a website and login admin panel every time you want to update the pages. With our Frontend builder, you are totally confident to visualize what you dream.
  • And much more…





CMS page builder & setting

  • Easy choose different layout for cms page
  • Easy add blocks on left/right sidebar on cms page
  • Easy to add a custom menu on cms page
  • Manage SEO content on frontend
  • Can edit CMS page content on frontend

Blog Page builder & setting

  • Easy choose blog layout on frontend
  • Enable or Disable social share on blog post
  • Can add different block on left/right sidebar

Contact page

  • Easy setting map info on frontend
  • Easy to edit contact info on frontend

Checkout page

  • Ability to switch between default checkout and one step checkout
  • Change setting of one step checkout on frontend

Gorgeous Theme? Check it right now!