Top 10 Useful Forums for Magento developers to Learn and Discuss

Saying that Magento is the leading eCommerce platform in both quality and quantity thanks to its powerful extensions and a multi themes that allow it to be molded into exactly what the customer wants while still retaining the entire power of its eCommerce features – support for various locations, currencies, SEO, multi-site or multi-level setup etc.

Besides, all that results in a big demand for developers able to harness the power of Magento. If you want to join in comunity of the most desired specialists, you should check out useful magento forum listed below – well-suited sources for both beginners and those who already developed in Magento 1.& 2


Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Magento e-Commerce platform. It is perfect for the beginners with multiple Magento hacking techniques along with the theoretical explanation of an array of code snippets, and the best Magento practices that help you grow your development skills.

Magento Expert Forum


Magento Expert Forum is a useful forum or you to learn. It includes announcements, magento technical support, documents and tutorials, magento products and services, magento hosting, VPS, server option and configuration, marketing, SEO, SEM, Sales, templates & extension provider experiences and other platform issues.
Magesolution Forum


Magesolution forum is an incredibly useful website for the Magento beginners as well as for the programmers who are associated with this platform for quite a while. The website consists of a great deal of blogs, tutorials, and informative articles written by Magento developers to help you gain an in-depth knowledge about the platform

Magento Developers and Experts Forum 


Magento Developers & Experts Forum is developed by Go-mage, this is new forum and provide to visitors many information about Magento.


Magento Forum Topix 


Magento Forum by Topix  is great place for sharing and discussing about Magento, and magento tutorials for beginners.

Magento forum by Cmsideas 


Magento forum by Cmsideas is created to help you improve your Magento experience


Escolamgento Forum is created for sharing and discussing about Magento, Magento tutorials for beginners and extremely useful resource for the websmasters who wish to have a gentle start


Magentopl  provides you with access to a network of dedicated Magento enthusiasts sharing tips, tricks


Magentovietnam is a good community to get help from experts in Magento development 

UK Magento forum


Uk Magento forum is one of reliable communities for Magento users, designer and developers 

Social Media And Discussion Forums

Learning through tutorials sometimes might not be enough to get assured of your abilities. There are times when you struck and need help and this time social media sites can help you maintain your work pace. The sites like Reddit, Quora, and linked in are among the best places you can ask for help whenever you need to.

We hope you enjoy the list of useful resources for Magento developers. All of them are releasable and you can rely on any one of them when learning the Magento and its concepts is concerned.


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